All that worrying you’ve been doing about making sure your novel is 



With a copy editor, proofreader, research assistant, and emotional support hype girl all in one, you’ll feel so supported that the idea of perfect will actually feel attainable.

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If I were to have a dust jacket bio of my own...

I wouldn’t spend it telling you about the typical “About Me” details, like my NYU Copyediting certificate, or my extensive professional research experience, or my expert level of attention to detail.

No, I’d make sure to share what makes me so passionate about what I do, and about the realisation I had that forever changed the trajectory of my career:

Lifelong readers are made when they find a story captivating enough to make them want to keep reading. 

And once they find that “this is so good, I need to know what happens” feeling, they’ll spend forever chasing it between the spines, staying up till sunrise to read just “one more” chapter. Everyone deserves a happy place like that.

Which is why we need more great stories, and great authors to tell them. 

Hi, I'm Samantha—

and I help authors prepare publish-ready, five-star-worthy stories for their eager readers. 

Take a trip back in time with me, will you?

POV: you’re studying law in undergrad, cozied up on your couch, completely unable to put down your current read. I mean, how could you possibly study for your LSAT when the enemies-to-lovers you’ve been drooling over are finally about to have their moment?

When it comes down to turning the pages of your romance novel to turning the pages of your Kaplan textbook, the choice is pretty obvious: You’re not choosing the book full of mind-numbing material and stressful practice tests. 

(Which, now that you think of it, should probably be your first inkling that you don’t really want to commit to a career in the legal field.)

Did the context clues give it away?

That POV was actually just me setting the scene of my life a few years ago for you—

But something tells me you can relate to the “I’d choose this book over literally anything right now, just to find out what happens” sentiment, or you probably wouldn’t have become an author.

You know how thrilling good storytelling is. 
You know just how captivating it can be when it’s done right. 
And how much it ruins a story when it’s done wrong.

Remember the last time you were completely lost in a book, feverishly flipping through the pages while simultaneously hanging on every word, only to be distracted by a typo, an awkward sentence, or an inaccurate detail interrupting the flow?

The worst, right?! That’s exactly what I’m here to help you fix, and more. 

So, while I may have ditched the law career in favour of a more fun path, my love of analytical, detail-focused work isn’t going to waste. Now I spend my days researching, fact-checking, and scanning novels with a fine-tooth comb, committed to helping you write those same types of spellbinding narratives that made us both turn stories into careers.

the hole in the plotline, explained

"Wait, so if she's Sam,

who is Frances?

And why am I in her house?"

By now, I hope you know that I’d never let a detail go unexplained to a beloved reader, so allow me to formally introduce you to Frances....

"Wait, so

if she's Sam,

next part of the story

"Her professionalism, personal initiative, and conscientious nature made her a pleasure to work with. 

Overall, I highly recommend Samantha to anyone looking for a talented and dedicated individual who can bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to any project."


Frances is my middle name, and growing up I was so embarrassed by it. You know how kids are. I was made fun of because it was uncommon and sounded “old.” So, naturally, I avoided using it at all costs. 

(I distinctly remember practically sweating through my cap and gown at graduations, drowning in stress, worried about the teachers potentially announcing my full name when calling me up to accept my diploma—the horror!

But now, like most childhood embarrassments, I’ve had the amazing realisation that, ya know what, this name is actually pretty cool. Because it’s part of ME. 

Like all the pieces of you matter. Here, you can always be yourself without ever censoring your thoughts, words, or who you are—or worrying about the dreaded playground laughter. 

the supporting character profile

not a fan of small talk? me neither.

Here, I bookmarked the chapter where you learn all about my character…

Has a trusty canine assistant, Maverick aka Magoo (and obviously answers to “dog mom”)

Will choose combat boots over anything else

Has tattoo of a “—” (because, duh, punctuation nerd)

Always appreciates a good
enemies-to-lovers trope

Lost without her day planner (like, completely lost)

So, with that: welcome to Frances House, where you can finally embrace your unique quirks (or whatever the “Frances” of your own life is)—

and get your story one step closer to being in your readers’ hands & on their favourites list.

let's work together