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editor's note

I know that many things can influence your communication preferences—your schedule, living situation, personality, mental health—which is why I’m open to communicating via whichever medium feels good to you. 

When you fill out the inquiry form, select the method that feels most comfortable to you, and that’s how
we’ll connect!

We can “talk and tea” or “type and tap”—whatever makes your day easier. 

hours of operation

M–F: 10a.m.–6p.m. EST

Please take a moment to introduce yourself and your current work—all of which will be for my eyes only. The better I know you, the better our relationship will be!

I’ll be in touch within 1–2 business days.

Frequently           Asked Questions

I use the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Of course! Indicate in the “Anything else” section on the form that you’re interested in learning more, and we’ll discuss the specifics when we connect.

I can copyedit and proofread your work only if your timeline is flexible. Out of integrity for the story, I require at least two weeks between the projects so that:

a.) You have time to make the recommended edits

b.) I have the necessary time and space away from the story to allow for a fresh perspective

I only take on a finite number of projects per month, so my availability is dependent on the size of the manuscripts I’m currently working on and the needs of my clients. Fill out the above form to inquire about dates!

Not at this time, but I will be offering this service soon, so stay tuned!

However, as an avid reader and engaging with books in the way I do, I have a basic understanding of developmental editing and will always offer you notes if something stands out to me during the copyediting process.

I do! I appreciate the diverse nature of fiction, and I readily work with authors of romance, fantasy, horror, science fiction, realistic fiction, and mystery.

Additionally, I work both with independent authors or those working with a publishing house, and I’m always open to working with publishers. 

While manuscripts are my main focus, I’m also happy to copyedit, proofread, and offer research assistance for any projects like writing for Patreon or your newsletter. Make a note of it in the contact form and we can chat more about it. 

While some editing businesses have a transactional and distanced feel, I value the relationship between author and copy editor. These are often elaborate projects we’re working on together and I want you to feel like you can trust me and that we jibe. 

When we first connect, it’ll be through whichever method of communication you’re most comfortable with. I’ll learn more about you and your book, and I’ll answer all your questions about me and my process. We’ll then both have up to a week to decide if we’re a match!

Hey, I'm Samantha—

Copy editor, Proofreader, Researcher, Professional Fact-Checker, and Fiction Lover 

To learn more about how I can help you transform your work into a more polished and professional version of itself, check out my copyediting, proofreading, and researching services.

And I strengthen the foundational aspects of your book in a way that elevates your voice without ever dulling it. 

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