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A collection of books I’ve worked on, and the kind words from the authors who trusted me with them.

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I'm Samantha—

and I want your book to be worthy of a TBR list, not a DNF distinction.

With your writing skills, my editing skills, and our shared goal to make your novel as perfect as possible, you can be certain that our collaboration will lead to you being proud to publish your story.

Using my deep love and respect for storytelling, styling, and grammar, paired with the credentials to back it up, I’ll help you transform your almost-ready draft into a binge-worthy book. 

No matter where you are in the pre-publishing process, I can help you go from a raw manuscript to a well-loved copy sitting on your reader's nightstand.


A thorough and careful copyedit to make your work the most clear, consistent, and correct version of itself.


Putting my uncanny attention to detail to good use, I’ll check that each word and sentence is exactly as they should be one last time before publishing.

Research Assistance

I’ll handle the heavy research, so you can focus on setting the scene with even more detail and depth. 

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